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Security Guards – Provide the security guards an examination in their spoken problem managing skills be pretending to be a complaining client. Try to find their responses.

Provide the guard a written test that consists of security inquiries as well as expertise that a degree 2/3 guard should know to obtain their credentials.

Ask the guard specifically how much experience they have in dealing with security in a business specifically like your own or very similar. Ask for proof and demand they show their experience in a work trial by clarifying to you one of the most usual security troubles in your type of business.

Ask when the last time they had a performance evaluation done on them and also exactly what kind of concerns did the security supervisor inquire. What was their performance ranking.

Ask to clarify just how they plan to prevent criminal behaviour to leave your company. Have they thought of it or are they just depending on their dimension. Trust me on this- dimension has little influence on deterrence to a lot of genuine criminals.

Provide a photo of two people as well as ask to check out it for 5 seconds. Then ask them to describe the individual that you demand. They have to obtain all the information deal with. You do not want guard that can not also describe a photographed individual. In a genuine event with darkness and adrenalin going they will make errors.

Hold meetings with all your security personnel prior to the security firm assign them to secure you. Throughout the meeting conduct the pointed out examinations and inquiries yet additionally ask the guard to inform you regarding a tell he needed to handle an attack and also pay attention to exactly how they managed it.

Pay attention to the degree of verbal skills used throughout the interview. Specifically the number of wrong words made use of and also extensive stops briefly while they consider the words to make use of. This type of skills signals inadequate verbal ability as well as understanding throughout regular conversation they will struggle throughout security events. If they have to duplicate themselves to you so you recognize just what they are stating- do not use them.

Avoid making use of any kind of security guards that feel they should have hairless heads or crew cuts since they do not want their hair got throughout a fight. They shouldn’t should combat if they recognize ways to do their job appropriately. This goes the exact same for guards that choose not to put on ties in case someone orders it throughout a fight. Get elastic or clip on ties. Trouble resolved. I prefer it if a person wants to order my tie as opposed to punching me because they have actually simply squandered the initial step and also not wounded me. Game over.

Ask how long they have benefited this security guards firm. Security guards companies have high turnover and also toss unskilled guards at customers each month or worse, they use sub-contracted guards that you have no quality assurance over and the security business does not also recognize them.


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