How to Make The Most of The Summer Season – In Your Own Backyard! Summer is coming very soon, so you better start getting ready for the hot days! You will a need a lot of shade, water, place to relax and sunbath, cozy chair for having cold cocktails or beer and if you can, […]

Give Your Garden a Mediterranean Flavor by Growing Citrus in Containers

Citrus can bring a true Mediterranean flavor to your garden and an irresistible memory of summer. Freshly picked citrus fruits can wake up all your senses with their magical scent. How about some lemon, lime or kumquat from your own garden? Growing citrus plants in containers can help this wish come true. A single look […]

Basic Guide To Applying Mulch To Garden Beds

May is for mulching! Every gardener should know this basic rule. If you want to impress your friends and family with your perfect garden beds then spring is the time to get some mulching. Using mulch is so beneficial – it helps with weed control, reduces water loss, prevents erosion and improves the quality of […]

Useful Tips on Growing Carrots in Containers

These root vegetables are widely used in many cuisines – especially for salads, soups and stews. Carrots are usually orange, but they can also come in purple, red, yellow and even white. They are biennial plants that grow up to 1 meter. As for their nutritional values, carrots are actually 88% water, 1% protein, 7% […]

Simple Tips for First Time Gardeners

Gardens, big or small, we all want them to look pretty, especially in spring in summer when we can sit outside and just relax in the sun while admiring all that flowers and plants. But, you already know that a beautiful garden means a lot of hard work and care… A gardener is someone who […]

The Advantage of Using Artificial Rock for Ponds & Waterfalls

Having a water feature in your garden is a true blessing, am element to bring your garden even closer to nature or to complete a contemporary garden design. Today there are so many possibilities for bringing a water feature in your garden – you can buy an already made fountain or pond, build your own […]

Silver & Purple – a Match Made in Heaven!

Purple has been a very popular color in the last couple of years. Combined with silver, modern details and shiny foliage, it can give your garden a fresh, noble touch. Purple is dominating the fashion world, but also makes the perfect color to use for the details in your home. When we are talking garden […]

Smart Tips for Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Who doesn’t want a perfectly looking garden where one can enjoy after a hard day at work or simply relax with family and friends during the weekends? But let’s face it – those gardens you see in the magazines, perfectly designed and pruned, ask for a lot of time spent maintaining them. With the busy […]

Effective Dynamic in Your Garden!

Are you having a problem with a garden that is just too flat? Well, there are so many solution to bring some effective dynamic to your garden. Stairs, plateaus, an elegant sunken garden – they are all an excellent way to make a spatial effect in gardens that are largely flat. Having a flat garden […]

Can White & Green Roofs Save Cities From Climate Change?

There have been numerous studies lately trying to find out if green or white roofs can really help save cities from climate change. The results are indicating that green and white roofs can indeed offset global warming, but it’s all about the location. We have been talking about green roofs before, but with focus on […]